Substation Services

ProForce’s expertise in ROW services translates well to substation preparation and maintenance work. As with ROW we perform 100% of the services we offer:

  • Making sure we understand the geology of your site to bring the right equipment and quality rock for success
  • Preparing and clearing sites (including the root grub work), installing perimeter fencing
  • Cutting and filling to provide initial rough grading for the pad and for roadways
  • Building culverts, subsurface drainage and grading to manage site storm water
  • Designing and installing the storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPPP)
  • Constructing site pads (place, compact and set the final grade)
  • Providing all final substation fencing
  • Covering completed site with top rock
  • Restoring the site by sodding, seeding, making grade and rut repairs


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