Right of Way

Performing right of way (ROW) work for major utilities is our bread and butter. Accodingly, we deliver every project safe, on budget and ON TIME! ProForce deliverables include:

  • Performing 100% of the work (no subcontractors) so we can completely manage the project
  • Scoping the work in person so we know the challenges, can plan accurately and always bring exactly the right equipment to the job. This reduces/eliminates project out-of-scope requests.
  • Owning and operating our own vegetation cutting and mulching equipment
  • Providing all necessary access – gates, culverts, road improvement and matting
  • Protecting the environment through appropriate use of silt fences, rocking construction entrances, and more
  • Completing all restoration work post-project, including seeding and mulching when necessary

We’re also experts in “landowner management” – working together with the landowners to manage/mitigate any concerns before the project begins.

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