Projects: ROW

OG&E Windspeed II

OG&E was building a new, 110-mile 345kV transmission line in northwest Oklahoma. The existing 125-foot ROW needed complete overhaul, and ProForce was the team OG&E counted on.

Elizabethtown, KY

EKPC planned to take a new, 345kV transmission line through existing ROW. ProForce cleared miles of ROW through some of the roughest terrain it had faced. This included steep hillsides, streams and rivers, along with crossing major highways.

Shreveport, LA

AEP badly needed to replace aging wooden poles on a 6-mile, 138kV transmission line. ProForce teamed with sister company Mesa Line Services to take on the project. ProForce cleared a badly overgrown ROW, as well as creating a new one in sensitive wetlands near the AEP generating plant.

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