Since the chaos of Katrina, ProForce has been the primary innovator in new ways to handle storm damaged utility equipment. We are not a line company. We are focused solely on handling your downed/damaged equipment after the storm has passed. Our new approach has become the new Best Practice in storm cleanup for 7 major utilities along the Gulf Coast.

Revolutionary New Approach For Utility Storm Response

We use a proven system of standardized crews to manage downed utility materials after a hurricane or storm. These crews are based on a standard 4 man team, this provides a safe but flexible spread of manpower and equipment at your direction. We are your one-stop shop for cleanup of ALL materials after power is restored including:

  • - Poles, wire, ceramics & trash loaded and removed from the field
  • - First responder management of downed transformers
  • - Loading & removal of transformers and remedial materials from the field
  • - Set-up & coordinate debris staging areas
  • - Waste minimization: Pole stripping, pole waste, recyclables, and trash
  • - Rut repairs, and re-sodding
  • - Data collection & interfacing with Network Managers

Using the Right Tool For the Job

Our innovations release your line crews to focus on their primary mission. To turn on lights. Our clean-up crews cost-effectively remove your material from the field, consolidate it, and use waste-minimization/recycling to save you money. Our teams are outfitted with the right equipment/tools to get this job done safely and effectively.

Cut Overall Recovery Times, Reduce Costs

Based on 14 Storm Response projects since 2005, we have proven to our utility clients throughout the Gulf Coast that our methods reduce the time required to complete the Storm Recovery, and that we reduce their overall costs. When we leave the area, your internal line crews go back to their regular maintenance schedule, no more dealing with storm-related headaches for months/years following the event.

If you are an individual, or a company that may be interested in getting involved in this completely new industrial niche, we would like to talk with you.

Potential New Employees

If you can handle the rigors
of hard work in a storm
recovery environment

Potential Subcontractors

If you have personnel &
equipment that can help us
provide Top-Quality service